Home Partnership Program

The Home Partnership Program (HPP), powered by Parlay Mortgage, provides a suite of tools, educational resources, and a dedicated team of local experts to assist employees with their most valuable asset - real estate. As the cost of healthcare benefits and employer contributions continue to rise, companies are challenged yearly to offer competitive benefits that their employees will value without raising costs for the parties involved. The Home Partnership Program provides the solution.

The Home Partnership Program enables you to reward and retain employees by providing a voluntary benefit that streamlines buying, selling and financing an employee's most valuable and thought about asset...real estate.  This innovative program provides your employees with a team of local experts in their field, i.e.: finance, real estate, financial planner, insurance, etc...  This hand-picked team of professionals has many years of experience in their respective fields and can provide sound advice in our ever changing marketplace-something your employees will both utilize and value.  The HPP team can provide on-site educational seminars for your employees if needed.
When an employee can access information and local experts in one convenient location, it allows them to center their focus while at work and avoid involving other employees in terms of personal opinions or assistance. 
By utilizing HPP, employers can offer valuable benefits to their employees that provide convenient and competitive access to home financing and homeowners' needs in one spot - AT NO COST TO YOUR COMPANY. This allows you to retain and reward your top talent by providing additional benefits that streamline buying, selling and financing their most valuable asset - real estate. 

HPP's Unique Offering

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